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 Behind Perspectives Coaching


It all started on vacation. One of us was taking a picture. The other was taking a picture that captured a completely different scene. Same time. Same place. Two different people both seeing the beauty of the world, but with two completely different perspectives.

We’re John and Julie, husband and wife holistic life and wellness coaches. Perspectives is our boutique coaching business to help you free the best version of yourself. We didn’t start our careers on this exact path. Rather we each specialized in our own fields and eventually realized we shared the same passion to help others grow, to help each other grow, each from a different perspective. John’s perspective: wellness and fitness. Julie’s perspective: life and career. Together we see both perspectives, with you. There is power in a new perspective.


What does your best version look like?

Wondering where he/she is hiding out and why he/she is playing small?

Let's uncover and explore this answer together.

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been to 2 beyonce concerts
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Meet Julie 


Hello! I’m Julie. I’m a holistic life and career coach. I empower my clients to access clarity so they can relax back into life.  I’ve worked in the human resources world for more than 12 years – recruiting, interviewing, coaching and mentoring. My career has centered on listening and asking the right questions, helping employees navigate the complexities of the corporate world and helping them define their own version of success. Eventually that extended beyond the 9-5, and I found myself applying my own journey, pain and experiences to help others find and see the beauty and feel peace in their own journey.

I’m an intimate being at heart. I care. I’m curious. I’m a lover of deep relationships and personal connection. Coaching isn’t a job for me. It’s passion, freedom, heart-centered and peace. I love the beach, travel adventures, cozy spaces curled up with a good book, conversations with different generations and spontaneous dance parties.

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been to 2 beyonce concerts with his wife :)
has a vertical leap of 38 inches
sprinter turned long-distance runner

Meet John 


Hi, I’m John. I’m a health and wellness coach with more than 12 years of experience in the field, including 10 years in cardiac rehab and personal training.  Fitness and wellness have always been top priorities in my life and have served as source of balance, joy, reward and transformation. I personally lost 30 pounds in 14 months when I shifted my perspective from just physical, to mental, emotional and spiritual. The shift improved my mindset, strength, cardiovascular training and lifestyle overall. Now I get to encourage that same transformation for individuals, tailored to their unique journey. I am inspired and motivated by my clients to be the best version of myself, as much as I strive to inspire and motivate them.

I challenge, set inspiring goals, and laugh and have fun along the way.

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