Hello friends


Hello Friends!

First of all, welcome! Thank you for taking a few minutes to read our very first blog post. We welcome you with open arms and are eager to share this space with you.

First things first, we’re going to be real. Very real. No fluff. This blog will have no rules. What does that mean exactly? Well, we are going to leave this wide open for any shape, size and form of inspiration or content that is meant to be shared for the intention of paying it forward to YOU. We may share some juicy content and resources or any musings that just feel right to share. Think of it as a museum of love and inspiration or a gallery of different PERSPECTIVES. By the time you’ve read our blog posts we hope you walk away feeling refreshed, inspired, curious and a feeling of belonging. Because guess what? None of you are alone in your pain and suffering or your joy and celebrations. There is room for it all.

Onward and Upward,

J & J

GeneralJulie Allison