Who is the right coach for you?


Who is the right coach for you?

I get this question a lot personally and professionally especially from those that are new to coaching and this is the first time they are considering hiring a coach. I thought it would be fun and helpful to share my own journey in selecting my first coach. Throughout my life I’ve partnered with a variety of teachers and coaches, some of these were self-selected, some were already chosen. i.e. sports performance coaches. This time around, I knew I wanted to partner with a Life Coach and the following components were my non-negotiables. Here’s what worked really well for me.


This was an absolute must for me. Trust is one of my core values and I knew I wanted to feel a sense of trust from the very beginning. When I had my own discovery call with my potential coach at the time, I left our call feeling good about my trust levels. Trusted that she really listened to my challenges and pain points, trusted that she would provide a safe container to explore my vulnerabilities and blind spots, trusted that she deeply cared about my personal growth and not just concerned about getting a new client. Trusted that she had the right coaching skills I needed for this season of life.  


Another absolute must for me. You’ve probably heard it a million times personally and professionally, “They just aren’t a good fit” or “We didn’t connect”.  Here is the beauty of selecting your coach, you define what a “good fit” means to you. This definition varies for all of us. I knew I wanted to partner with someone that I felt connected to within the first discovery call. For me that meant, realness and authenticity. It also meant high vibe energy with a calm approach and demeanor with some sprinkles of humor. I rely heavily on my intuition in these moments. I listen and feel for that sense of knowing. Bottom line – I really paid attention to how I felt during and after our call. I felt that we connected.


This was another area I was laser-focused on at the time. I knew I wanted to work with someone that offered a holistic approach – they looked at the whole person – mind, body, soul/spirit. That’s how I defined it and where I wanted support most, not just in one specific area of life. It’s all connected, I wanted someone that could help me connect the dots. I wanted a coach that would help me with a wide variety of life topics. This truly was one of the best investments I have ever made.

There you have it my friends. My intention is to provide you with the realness from my own journey in selecting a coach so that you can discover if some of these resonate with you. You and your coach are meant to be connected some how some way, you’ll find one another. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

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