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Where is health and wellness on your priority list?


Is it a check off the list or a part of your everyday lifestyle? No matter the goal, health and wellness coaching is about finding a routine that is realistic, manageable and enjoyable in the long-term. It’s about identifying an approach that’s in alignment with your goals, transforming from the inside out. That means taking a close, hard look at your lifestyle from a physical, mental and emotional perspective.

Health and wellness is not one size fits all. You may be looking to lose twenty pounds, instill healthy eating habits or train for an upcoming event. No matter the goal, positive change can boost your wellbeing all around, from stress management and happiness to confidence, knowledge and physical change.

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 Available Packages

In-Home Personal Training

Due to ease of logistics, personal training in your own home is the way to go if you are in a time crunch or just feel more comfortable in your own environment. Sessions are ideal for beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.

*must be within a 15-mile radius of Dallas, $85/hour rate for private sessions outside this range. Message me for more details.


  • 1 hour

  • In-home private session

  • $75*

I’m in, let’s do this!

The option gives us more time to focus on customized coaching and training to help you meet your goal. It’s a great option for all levels and ideal for longer-term one-on-one accountability.


  • 1 hour

  • 6 personal training sessions (must be used within 2 months)

  • In-home or location will be determined

  • $425 (discounted price)

Custom Workout Plans

This is a great option for someone who wants customized personal training, but would like to do it on your own time. Price varies based on the workout plan you desire (3 days/week, 5 days/week, etc.).


  • One custom workout plan tailored to your goal

  • $50 to $85

  • Includes a 20-minute discovery call

Group Sessions

Want to workout together with your partner or a friend? We offer group training sessions, contact John below for details and pricing.

Workout Plans

See our online shop for on-demand workout plans ready for you.


What others have asked

+ Do I have to be physically fit or have experience with exercise to schedule a session?

Good news, the answer is no. No experience is necessary and you don’t have to be physically fit. I have extensive experience in adapting and creating plans for individuals who have never been involved in an exercise routine. I have also worked with clients that were elite athletes but fell out of their routines and wanted to establish a new wellness plan. More good news - it doesn't matter where you are in your fitness journey, I've got your back.

+I honestly don’t know where to begin, can you help?

Yes! I will guide you every step of the way based on your background, strengths, goals, struggles, or limitations. I strive to guide and teach to make you most comfortable and eventually independent on your fitness journey.

+Will I be able to reach goals or progress if I have physical limitations such as joint issues or range of motion challenges?

I will help you reach your goals that you have for yourself and that we set together. If there are any physical limitations I will not address those limitations specifically, but will help you progress around those limitations by modifying your workout plan as needed. We will review and discuss any limitations thoroughly during our initial session.

+Can you help me if I have limited time during the week?

Absolutely! Limited time is the number one issue with a fitness program. If you are able to block 20-45 minutes a day for 3-5 days per week out of your hectic schedule I will be able to adapt a program that is right for you.

+Is there any guarantee of success?

Consistency is the key. Based on my experience I can promise that it doesn’t take a lot of time to have noticeable changes. I am realistic with program development based on each individual’s lifestyle and availability. Some may see great success early and others may have incremental success over time. Either way, if you stick with the program you will see results.

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